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Restyling Mercedes 221 to 222

Restyling Mercedes 221 to 222


Converting set for Mercedes 221 into a Mercedes 222 AMG 6.5, the kit includes two rear fenders and two front fenders that are already ideally suited for a Mercedes 221 and look like a W 222. Our front fenders are bolted onto the factory holes 221. The fenders of our production are reinforced fiberglass To install our rear fenders, you need to cut off the front part of the 221 fender and insert the fiberglass fender, all joints remain under the trunk lid, in the doorways, and under the molding. The advantage of our wings is that they already have the desired shape, lines, edges, gaps, bends, slope, length, and there are no welds on them like on metal wings that shrink the putty in the sun and in the cold and soon crack. complete set, check. Free complete installation instructions.

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