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Nissan Patrol Y61 doing for Offroad, installation of Volvo c303 portal axles and 42" tractor wheels
Mercedes Unimog full restoration of the cabin, body, frame, suspension, axles, and the manufacture of the salon for VIP hunting
Manufacturing Gelendvagen 6x6 from G350 diesel 2015
Porsche Boxster with 2.7 engine and manual transmission in the back of a Zaporozhets
Making a salon in a limousine
Replica of the world's only Citroën GT
Hummer H2 remake for off-road
Gelendvagen G300 '95 converted into 6x6 and sent to America
Making a disco salon in a Mercedes Sprinter
Remake Gelendvagen in 6x6 for America
Making a carriage limousine Excalibur
Mercedes G 500 shorty installation of Volvo portal axles and 42 wheels
Mercedes G 63 AMG converted to 4x4² for Germany
Mercedes G 500 2001 converted into G wagon 6x6 for Serbia
Extend the Jaguar car by 3.5 and make it a white limousine with a beautiful interior for Germany
Make a Party bus from a city bus for Europe
Mercedes g 5.5 Mansory 2008 converting into Gelandewagen 6x6 for hunting
Construction of the project Homemade Lamborghini Aventador on a donor car Porsche Cayman 2007 engine 3.8. (work is suspended, we are looking for a buyer or sponsor for the project)
Nissan Patrol y61 2006 shorty, installation of Volvo c303 portal axles and Icelandic arch extensions
Re-equipment of city bus in karaoke bass for Europe
Mercedes G 400 diesel 2003 installation of Volvo portal axles and 40" wheels
Hammer H2 to be converted into a limousine with an insert of 4 meters + an additional axle, an open summer terrace and additional electric doors. For France
Making a limousine from Hummer H2, 4 axle limousine = 8 wheels
Gelendvagen Professional W461 2016 converted into 6x6 for hunting
Making a disc bus from a city bus for Europe
Making a Hummer limousine on three axles and a summer terrace
Making a copy of the Ferrari 430 based on the Peugeot 406 coupe and lengthening it by 2.7 meters to make a Ferrari limousine. Manufacturing for Russia
To convert a city bus into a disco on wheels for Kharkov
Lincoln Town Car converted to Bentley limousine and modern salon
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 '94 converted for off-road with very large wheels
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