The Gelandewagen G-500 2011 came to us from Kazakhstan to be converted to a 4x4 square

About the project

Mercedes g500 2011 was finalized by our company, installation of Tibus portal gearboxes, suspension from our company, off-road wheels and tires, front and rear 4x4 protection, made an expeditionary roof rack and ladder. We installed carbon fiber products from our company, 4x4 arch extensions, Brabus hood trim, 4x4 roof spoiler, Brabus snorkels. The car of 2011 and the g500 model, we all know that its appearance from the factory is boring and our client ordered the installation of a restyling g63, namely, the front bumper, grille, headlight masks, mirrors. The interior was also modified by us, we installed a rear seat from a BMW 7 and altered the entire interior in the Brabus style, the old wood inserts were made with piano lacquer. We made and installed side sills with Mercedes Benz 4x4 lettering, nameplates for seats and doors in the same style. There was also a partial body painting and polishing. You can watch the construction process on our Jeeps Monsters YouTube channel.

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